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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  March 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm winning. sydnie has the day off. what does it take to get commuters to leave their car keys at home and take public transportation instead? christin ayers is in oakland where it appears $4 a gallon would be the correct answer. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. >> reporter: we are talking about double-digit jumps in ridership on amtrak trains. so many new riders, in fact, that amtrak has run out of train cars. >> i can't wait to get on the train today. >> reporter: not because he bypasses traffic on the way to los angeles. >> i get to meditate and i don't have to pay for gas. >> reporter: jones is part of a sudden trend in train ridership. commuters trading wheels for rails at a record-breaking rate. >> the spike of gas prices has
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taken our ridership to the next level. >> reporter: the managing director of the capitol corridor says the numbers are skyrocketing as quickly as gas prices are. ridership was up 11% in january. 13% in february. that's more than 13,000 more riders over last year. but high gas prices have not fueled a big bump in bart ridership. just a small one. >> it's one of the pieces of the formula and it certainly can be sometimes a driving piece of the formula. gas prices are way up. nobody is going to be on bart. >> reporter: but riders are on the capitol corridor. so many, in fact that paraders are dealing with a crowding problem that may only get worse. >> we know that in the next two or three years if we even see 5% increase on an annual basis, we are going to have serious crowding conditions on some of the trains. >> reporter: capital car door
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officials are hoping to get a slice of the $100 million award just given to caltrans by the federal government. they say that could help them buy a couple of new cars. they are also hoping that some of governor brown's budget will set aside some money for them, also to address that crowding problem. back to you. >> yeah. no fun for commuters any way you cut it. christin ayers live for us in oakland, thank you. a drowsy driver may be to blame for deadly accident in san mateo. it caused a nightmare for morning commuters this morning on the northbound 101 just south of dore avenue. chp says the driver of a car fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into another vehicle. that caused a second accident minutes later where a motorcycle rider was ejected from his bike. he died at the scene. nobody else was injured. three lanes, though were closed for about three hours causing the monster backups this morning. police are gathering evidence after four rental cars were broken into in palo alto
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along el camino real. two cars were in front of a tofu house and the other in front of the sundance restaurant. laptops were stolen from each car. a crime-fighting tool in san jose has been saved. mounted police. a local group promised to raise 280,000 by september to keep the horse patrols running. so far the group has already raised $70,000. the deadline is here but governor brown has asked lawmakers to delay today's vote on his budget plans. >> what i'm asking people is not to vote for cuts or taxes but to let the people decide what it is they want. what is the vision of california? >> governor brown says he needs more time to wrap up negotiations with republicans over his budget plan. he has asked democratic leaders in the legislature to delay today's vote. brown needs at least two republican votes in each house before he can ask voters to
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approve tax extensions in a special election in june. a hearing into the radicalization of muslim americans opened today in the nation's capital. photographers crowded around republican congressman peter king of new york as he opened his inquiry. the obama administration is concerned that broad statements about an entire religion will only play into a narrative that the u.s. is at war with islam. but king says there is a genuine threat. >> homegrown radicalization is part of al qaeda strategy to continue attacking the united states. al qaeda is actively targeting the american muslim community for recruitments. >> the witnesses who testified today include relatives of two young americans recruited by terror groups. critics compare the hearings to anticommunist witch hunts that played out in congress back in the 1950s. the dalai lama is retiring. he says he is stepping down as
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the political leader of tibet's government in exile. next week the community is expected to elect his replacement. the dalai lama will remain tibet's spiritual leader. 76-year-old is believed to be in good health. in the past he said he would like to live as a simple monk. president obama and first lady michelle obama are taking a stand against bullying. >> as parents, it breaks our hearts to think that any child feels afraid every day in the classroom or on the playground or even online. >> and they are hosting the first-ever white house conference on how to prevent bullying, particularly cyberbullying. two mill valley sisters are attending the conference. they started a letter-writing campaign to help a girl who was bullied and then wrote a book about it. if you stole a $200,000 car, where would you hide it? well, a celebrity chef's hot sports car has just been spotted in the bay area. coming up.
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yes, your honor. >> i do. >> people have any objection? >> yes, actress lindsay lohan back in court. the second chance she got from the judge. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we're now seeing showers showing up around the bay area. how much more can we expect? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ♪ hava go dai ♪ t we, li lon ♪ave goodaisy wo outget rong♪ ♪whenou ed alift jut si a sg ♪ ♪ anhave goodais ♪have goodais wih a turatrea♪ ♪ ve aood isy, heahy fds teat ♪ ♪ wn yowantome y, nce theeat ♪ ♪and ve aood isy [emalannocer eny th freh,
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0% nuralhoic in ctagehees ♪ave go day ♪ ha a gd day
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dow down about 205 points. stocks plunging on a slew of well, a big sell-off on wall street today. right now the dow is down a tonight, over 200 points. stocks plunging on a slew of negative economic news and a steep drop in oil prices. not a good day. where can you save more,
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target or wal-mart? a firm compared 35 brand name items sold at both stores, things like milk, cereal, health and beauty aids, clothing and furniture. target shopping cart rang in at just over $269, about $2 less than the same stuff that was bought at wal-mart. low interest rates, no annual fees, credit card companies make a whole lot of promises to try to lure you in. but if you're deep in debt, which one is really the best? sandra mitchell with some tips to get you on the road to financi freedom. >> reporter: kim is a mother of five from west hills who found paying down three credit cards with high interest rates a real challenge as she tries to keep up with daily expenses. she owes about $18,000 in credit card debt. $3,600 with a chase card at 14%. $12,000 with target national
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bank at 23% interest. and $2,400 with a bank of america card at 14.9%. >> if you are paying 15%, 18% or more on another card, and you have an opportunity to get a 6% card, you're going to want to make the transfer and save the money. >> reporter: nelson santiago is the head of l.a.'s consumer action agency, a nonprofit organization that's been helping consumers for over 40 years. the agency now has a new survey of 41 credit card offers. >> we recommend that consumers shop around and not just focus on one single term. there are a lot of different terms in these credit cards that may be important to the consumer. >> reporter: consumer action found four big winners when it comes to low interest rates combined with no annual fees. the lowest rate was first command back with a 6.25 apr. next was another company at 7.25. third pnc bank visa platinum at
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7.99. and wells fargo at 9.15%. another tip from consumer action, think twice before closing the account from which you have transferred debt. >> unless they are being hit with a high annual fee, make sure to keep the card because having a long credit history is good for the credit scores. >> just get the scissors out. all right. that was sandra mitchell reporting. in other news, lindsay lohan rejected a plea agreement in court today. >> she's charged with grand theft involving a $2,500 necklace. the deal offered by prosecutors would have sent her back to jail. the judge is now offering the actress a separate chance to resolve the case. he said how he would sentence her if she pleaded guilty or no contest and that she could accept the offer on march 25. so wait and see. >> she looks good, though. >> she does. [ laughter ] coming up, the first real leads in the search for a celebrity chef's stolen sports
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car. ♪ [ music ] >> and how an alameda teen reaches back in time with a piano to brighten the lives of some senior friends. we have that and more coming up. you know, we started out the day with some sunshine around the bay area. then here came those dark clouds and yes, the rains have started. how much more we can expect. we'll talk about that next. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be hard s..... and they were . we were the first to report... fieri's lambor well, police said a bright yellow lamborghini would be hard to miss and they were right. >> that's right. we were the very first to report guy fieri's lamborghini being stolen early tuesday morning. well, since that daring heist, the car has been spotted several times. anne makovec now with the first solid leads in the case. hi, anne. >> reporter: hi, i'm standing at the last place that this car was seen on tuesday. you can see these cameras behind me, this is the entrance and exit to the city of tiburon. and this is where the lamborghini was caught on camera. now, we have asked several police departments for access to that video and we have been denied. so i got to tell you we took a couple of liberties in the second half of this report. >> reporter: it's been missing for 48 hours, a convertible lamborghini gallardo with an estimated value around $200,000. this is one hot set of wheels.
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>> pretty high-profile incident and pretty extreme measures for the car. >> reporter: it belongs to celebrity chef guy fieri, host of diners, drive-ins and dives. he lives in santa rosa and owns two restaurants there, too. he left his lamborghini at this dealership on van ness in san francisco as he went to chicago for a food show. and early tuesday morning someone stole it. this is exclusive video of the burglar's tools left inside the building. police believe the thief rappelled from the roof using rock climb gear and then jimmied open a second-story window, broke some locks and drove out. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: speaking of hot wheels, this is a smaller and much cheaper version of the car that was stolen. it is also a lamborghini convertible gallardo and we are going to use it in a little reenactment because police aren't releasing the surveillance video that caught the stolen car on camera since it left this place.
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early tuesday morning, police say the car was spotted on a surveillance camera on the golden gate bridge crossing into marin county and then from a camera at the entrance of tiburon it was seen entering and then leaving the coastal city. it hasn't been spotted since. have you seen this car around the bridge anywhere? >> no, sorry. nope. >> i actually haven't. >> no, we haven't seen anything like that yet. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> i have not. no. and it's very distinctive and you can't miss that color. so i'll keep my eye out for it but i have not seen it. >> reporter: yeah. just a small version. now, guy fieri's spokesman did release a statement to thus morning saying that he is shocked and disappointed by what happened. but he is confident the dealership will do the right thing to rectify the situation. we did try to speak with the dealership and they didn't want to go on camera. frank and elizabeth. >> did you get to keep the car? >> reporter: the car actually -- wait. wait. is that -- is that -- >> there it is! [ laughter ]
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>> that's creative editing. >> reporter: we got a kick out of it. you can't get this surveillance video, you do what you can. >> it's one of those stories that's gripping and interesting with a little intrigue and drama. >> love the reenactment. thank you,. charlie sheen is taking legal action against his former employer. just days after being fired from "two and a half men," he filed a $100 million lawsuit against warner bros. and the executive producer of the show. the suit claims sheen was fired because he had recently criticized executives. >> this wouldn't be a news program unless' have a little charlie sheen and lindsay lohan. >> and a little lawrence karnow. >> i hope i'm n in there with that group just yet. >> what a three some. >> come on, guys. >> it does not belong. >> folks, we started out with
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some sunshine today looking good. if you didn't know any better you would say, it's going to be a great day. a cold front came and showers started up and that's what we are seeing now, scattered showers most of that light in towards san jose. haven't got the rainfall just yet but we have some more on the way. let's check the high-def doppler radar and show you where all that moisture is at right now. you can see not a lot left with the cold front as it moves through in toward livermore valley. dry right now. scattered showers over the mountaintops. the next band of moisture making its way onshore pushing through the north bay and into the peninsula through mill valley over toward berkeley and richmond. scattered showers continuing toward the afternoon. temperatures not going to be all that bad. we are talking 50s and 60s. tonight most of that rainfall is ended. so we are talking about mostly cloudy skies with patchy fog, 30s and 40s. here's the cold front limping into the bay area. we are on the trailing edge of that so not a lot of moisture.
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leftover showers in the afternoon but this system weakening as we go on by. so as we head through the evening hours, i think for the commute it doesn't look too bad as we are going to dry out nicely. you know what? the temperatures not going to be all that bad considering we have a couple of showers outside. 50s and mid-60s in the south bay. east bay numbers up mainly into the 60s. and as you head toward the north bay still a lot of clouds there and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. overlooking the next couple days, well, things going to dry out. friday looking good. a chance of showers going to make a return at least late in the day on saturday. north of the golden gate bridge. everybody else looking good. then better chance of rain for everyone as we look towards sunday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,, 3q
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sp others. well, most teenagers would rather spend free time hanging out with friends, an alameda teen spends time helping others. >> reporter: 15-year-old brian wong honor student with a 4.8 gpa and varsity tennis player, he is especially proud to be called volunteer. >> sunday afternoons are a time where i can see my senior friends and really have a chance to interact with them. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: brian makes sundays happy at water's edge lodge a senior assisted living center near his alameda home. since 2009, the alameda high school junior has been playing the piano and leading sing- along for seniors like 91-year- old ella parker. >> he plays our kinds of music, from our years, you know, 60s, 70s. >> reporter: how much does that mean to you to hear this music? >> it means a lot. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: even though the songs are decades before brian's time. ♪ [ music ] >> ♪ how much is that doggie in the window ♪ >> i would play 1/10 of the songs before. >> reporter: whatever the request, he plays it. he will find sheet music for his represent it was repertoir
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of 100 songs. >> he can play almost anything you name. >> reporter: for brian, making music is just one of his community service projects. he also fundraises for the local food bank. >> how much is that check senator. >> $10,000. >> $10,000! >> reporter: brian raised more than even he imagined for cbs 5's "food for bay area families" holiday food drive. the money came from friends, family an local businesses. a year ago he raised enough to buy 20,000 pounds of food for the alameda food bank. >> as seniors we have a lot of time on our hands. >> reporter: nickelodeon news even profiled him in a recent feature on community service. >> i have had everything that i want since i was a child. so i just want to give back a little of what i have gotten. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: to urge others to give, brian formed a community service club at school. and he is training his 13-year- old brother spencer and justin to take over his volunteer projects when he goes to college. their mother says serving
12:27 pm
together brings family harmony. >> it is really nice, you know, not only to see the seniors having fun while they sing, and we as a family get a tighter bond. >> i feel that i'm doing my part to serve the community. ♪ [ music ] ♪ she will be coming round the mountain when she comes ♪ >> reporter: so for his service through songs and fundraising for food, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to brian wong. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> is there anything he doesn't do? amazing. congratulations, brian. well, at last it for the cbs 5 news at noon. >> and take a look at the newest member of the san francisco zoo! ,,
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